All the things that are in this collage make a part in who I am as a person. My favorite, shows, pet, holiday, places, weather ,music artist, and favorite moments in general. My favorite shows are called “euphoria” and “sex education”, those are my favorite shows because in my opinion they show real world problems and after watching those shows my perspective on a bunch of things changed. Waterfalls/ lakes are one of my favorite places to be at, the waterfall is calming and being in the water feels good. I love the rain so much, I wish it could rain forever. I like the vibes when it rains and how its cold and hearing the rain fall is nice. I also really like Halloween its not exactly a holiday but for me its my favorite holiday. Even though its only a day people have decorations, and events for it the whole month of October, I like dressing up and hanging out with friends to go trick or treating or a party. My favorite pet are cats especially when they’re kittens, their very calm pets most of the time and very easy to take care of especially when they get old because you can let them out and they will come back to eat. Billie Eilish is my favorite music artist, I love all her music reason being is because her music is very relatable and its nice to have music that you can relate to, it feels good. Music in general is the best I like listening to music while in the car or while I am reading, cleaning or even getting ready. She also doesn’t care what anyone thinks which is good and I like that. I like reading, I’ve always liked reading mainly when I was small. I feel like reading is kind of a way to escape reality and go to another world or life for a little while. The beach is probably my favorite place ever, especially during sunset hour. I think you can enjoy the beach no matter the weather. It calms me down a lot, going in the water is also very refreshing. But the ocean kind of scares me since its so big and has not been explored all the way. I put a image of a arcade because I like them a lot and they also remind me of my childhood. Most of my favorite memories were spent in a arcade, its even more fun now going with friends. I put a image of two people to symbolize friends. Apart from family I think friends is the second best relationship you can have with someone. Friendships don’t always last forever which sucks a lot but as long as they last it affects who you are as a person either in a good or bad way. Friendship means a lot to me because I like having someone that’s there for you that isn’t your family.


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